Learning the DSLR – Part #1

New to the DSLR? Learn to use it – Part #1 How to know your new Digital Camera: Learning the important “stuff” So, you are getting a DSLR, aka Digital Camera, for Christmas and now you find yourself confused with the manual?  Some find the manual to be an “okay” place to begin learning and then go from there with practice. From a technical perspective, that can work. If you are not that person that reads a manual and walks away fully knowing how to use your camera, don’t worry, you are with the majority. Therefore, for starts, I am putting some “how to” blog posts up to help and this is the first.  Many of my references will be with images that reflect the use of the Canon EOS system. The place this one will start is with shooting modes.  The shooting modes, on most DSLRs, can be located on a dial labelled with ‘Auto, Av, Tv, P, M’ and maybe more.  The “Av” or “A” stands for “Aperture Priority” – “Tv” or “S” are for “Shutter Priority”  “Auto” is the Automatic and “M” is for ‘Manual.”  However, before delving into these, it is important that one has some […]

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