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Beginning of Photography

Photography has come a long way in considerably short period of time. In about 200 years, the camera developed from a plain box with a pinhole, that produced blurry images to the high resolution produced in our DSLRs and smartphones today. The story of photography is fascinating and books are written that still only cover portions of its amazing historical route taken thus far. That being so, I want to just take a relatively brief look at the highlights and major developments of this impressive scientific form of art. The First Cameras Though I stated 200 years; the basic concept of photography has been with mankind since the 5th-century. An Iraqi scientist developed something called the camera obscura in the 11th-century and that is when the art of photography came alive. Still the camera did not actually record images, it simply projected them onto another surface. However, it was truly the beginning of getting us to where we are today. The images were upside down so they would often be traced in order to obtain an accurate drawing of the subject, such as a building for instance. The first camera obscura used a tent with a pinhole in order to project an image from outside of the tent into the darkened area. […]

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