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Understanding the Exposure Triangle

The Exposure Triangle;   What is it, and why should you understand it? If you have not yet been introduced to this term “Exposure Triangle” or you are yet to master it and definitely desire to do so; I intend on at least making an effort in helping you do just that. We will start by defining the Exposure Triangle and then go from there. Full Article here Exposure Triangle: This term comes from the use of three components / settings in a camera used in combination to accomplish proper exposure.  These three components / settings on your camera are the ISO, the Shutter Speed, and the f-stop.  The Exposure Triangle refers to these three settings used in a way that correspond with each other. In other words, when one changes, at least one other has to change to keep the same exposure.  We will come back to this with examples after giving a brief review of each of these settings within a camera. I have developed an image for a quick glance at what the written content is describing in more detail.  You may want to look at the image various times during your reading of the content.

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